Today is 3 Tason 8004. +2days

Adventurers start in the Greywater Inn and Tavern in Dimrest. RD is looking to meet a contact. Z is staying at the inn between terms at the city's magic university (The University of K'Bliegee). KKJ is passing through on a pilgrimage across the kingdom.

The Blue Falcon is a boarding house in the city. RD has a room there. The rent is 1 gp per week. KKJ buys a room for three weeks. The proprietor's name is Wilhelm. he and RD have an operation where they steal stuff from the adventurers that RD lures to his room.

RD left a coded message on the noticeboard in the Greywater for his contact.

RD has a pipe that he thinks is made of ivory but is actually made of dragon bone.

Zeddicus sleeps with his eyes open.

RD steals Zeddicus' stuff overnight and hides it in another room.

There is a Kobold infestation overwhelming a few farms outside of the city. In a lightly wooded area. Western fence of the farm is broken.

They got basic adventuring supplies before they left.

RD gets a crate from the farmer and hides in it to wait for the Kobolds. Z and KKJ hide in the plants.

The PCs kill some Kobolds (but they don't actually get all of them).

RD goes back to the Blue Falcon to get the stuff he stole from Z, and then he sells it to his contact Koomaarre. He gives 10gp out of the 100gp he made on the sale back to Wilhelm.